Affordable Prices

Competitively priced private counselling fees, from a highly qualified, experienced & effective local counsellor, Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

Pay for the Service you Use

No one-size-fits-all fee – just pay the fee for the service that you use.

Different fees for different sessions-lengths.

Sliding Scale

Trouble affording private counselling? My approach can invite you to pay what you can responsibly afford for private counselling.

Counselling Services & Pricing

Each counselling service attracts a different fee. Pay only for the type of therapy that you’re considering. Fees are payable weekly. For individual and couple counselling, fees are per 50-minute session. For group counselling, fees are per 90-minute session.

*1 – The per-person per-session fee may be flexible if the fee is spread across all participants. For example, the cost of a 4-member group would be £140; if one person wished to pay less (£20) and another person were to pay more (£50) then this would be acceptable provided that the whole group agreed to this and the total the group paid was still £140.

Fees may be paid online (using my online/PayPal page) by card or bank transfer, or may be paid in person by cash, cheque or credit card. There is a small fee for paying by credit card whether online or in person.

I ask for a refundable £30 deposit to secure our first session.

Group Counselling is different to family counselling; I do not offer a service to families.


Sliding Scale.

For those who may find private counselling difficult to afford, I offer a sliding scale.

When I have places available, I may be able to offer you a lower per-session fee based on your ability to pay.

To go ahead with this will require a frank discussion (be prepared to talk knowledgeably about your income and your expenses) so that we can understand what you can responsibly afford per session.

What’s been said about Counselling

Over 15 years worth of clients ~ and many things have been said about people’s experience of counselling with Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant).

“I needed to talk about a relationship I’d had some years ago. I’m committed to someone new, but the memories of the past were effecting me. Talking it through for just a few sessions helped me understand why I couldn’t let go of the past.   Counselling helped me put away my past and to move forward with my future. ”

“I needed to talk about (what I called) Lesbian Bed Death. I’d been with another counsellor, but the pictures of her family around her home and her “little old lady” appearance made me feel quite unwilling to discuss this with her.   Dean had no problems talking with me about my sexuality, my gender identity and my relationship. ”

“We had fallen out of love. We wanted to get back our relationship to where it was before our troubles had begun.   As time progressed, we realised that we could never capture the past ~ instead we began to create a new future together. We were sad to embrace the loss of our past relationship but happy to move forward with our new, stronger one. ”

Got a Question? Don't Hold Back…

If you have a question about Dean Richardson's counselling services in Waterlooville, or just want to ask a question, maybe about making your first appointment, feel free to drop Dean a message any time…