About Secular Marriage Counselling.

For when Religion plays No Part in your Marital Problems.

You may have searched Google for marriage counselling, clicked on an innocent advertisement and found yourself on a website that promotes Catholicism in Marriages.

Whilst we might respect people’s needs for religious counselling (or spiritual guidance), for many of us in England we need marriage counselling from a competent, experienced, and non-religious marriage counsellor.

When non-religious/secular relationships need marital help, couples choose Marriage Counsellor Dean Richardson.

An effective therapeutic service that shows marriage-in-conflict how to develope their own, unique, approach will help them resolve marital problems… with no further need of counselling!

Counsellor Dean Richardson, Hampshire
Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

Secular Marriage Counselling Services.

Suitable for…

Suitable for any adult marriage (straight, gay, lesbian, mixed). When the marriage is struggling and cannot seem to change the problems, marriage counselling will help you both identify what’s getting in the way of you working it problems out together without further need of counselling.


Unlimited Sessions

Your marriage is not limited by a set number of weeks (or years!), so marriage counselling works to deliver just enough sessions. We begin by clearly identifying what the marriage needs to focus on. Then ~ if you choose ~ you both can either work on the focus together with no further counselling sessions. Or, you can work with Dean until you can work on the focus together alone.


Non Religious

The counselling process does not prescribe therapy based on religious beliefs (“a good Catholic marriage means you have to a… b… c…”). Instead, the counsellor employes secular and proven therapeutic methods to help you both begin to resolve your problems again… together.

Begin Now

No need to wait. Very often Dean is able to meet with you for a first session within a week of making contact. Unlike Charities offering marriage counselling, Dean does not employ a long waiting list and as a private counsellor he often has sessions available straight away.

A Secular Approach to Marriage Counselling.

Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant) is a fully qualified and experienced marriage counsellor.

He employs effective approaches that have been around since the 1970s.

His counselling service includes two main therapeutic approaches for marriages:-

  • Systemic (Family/Milan Associates) – an approach that sees relationships as a system (think: computer, or washing machine). A system has processes (behaviours that make us love our partner), and triggers (things that kick off an argument). By discovering what a marital system the couple has (unknowingly) created together, the couple and Dean can begin making changes that affect and improve the whole marriage,
  • Psychodynamic – an approach that recognises unconscious processes. Such processes might be past experiences being replayed in the marriage (eg early childhood abuse), or poor parental relationships. Transference is a phenomenon where we respond to a person as if they were someone from our past. This can leave the other person confused and not understanding what role he/she has found themselves in. Whilst these experiences can introduce poor experiences into the marriage, by working together the couple and Dean can discover how to resolve the conflicts and… finally… put them to rest.

These two extraordinarily powerful approaches involve no religion at all.

What about Religious Marriages?

Everyone’s beliefs are welcome within systemic/psychodynamic marriage counselling, and this includes religious beliefs.

It’s simply that this effective therapeutic model is not religious in anyway, and so does not impose beliefs on the couple (beliefs that one or both partners may not invest any credence in).

When you both are struggling in your marriage, you can work things through without worrying about religious beliefs with Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant) – the secular counsellor.

A Distinct Approach to Marriage Counselling.

About Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

You could choose any counsellor.

But… when you consider that this is probably the most personal and the most vulnerable that you're going to be with someone, you'd choose someone you'd trust, who demonstrated adept professional skills, who spoke plain English (who's happy to use as much swearing/plain language as you use yourself), and who works in partnership with his clients (he doesn't sit in silence, or just says "Hmm" for 50 minutes)

…then you'd choose to meet with Dean Richardson.

Seems a simple choice, really.

Marriage Counselling Costs

About Dean’s Counselling Fees

Private counselling will cost you some money.

Marriage counselling sessions last for 50 minutes per weekly session, 90 minute weekly sessions are available if we think this would help, but these are optional.

The fee is per couple, per session and fees are payable on the day of our session.

You may pay for your session fees online (eg bank transfer, credit/debit card payment) or in person (cash, cheque [made out to Dean Richardson], credit/debit card).

In some circumstances, my fees may be negotiable if your income were to make private marriage counselling a struggle to afford, but this is on a case-by-case basis and I may not have any low-fees spaces available. Please ask…

Counselling Appointments.

Generally, I work from 1pm until 9pm (Monday through Friday). Sessions are weekly, usually on the same day & time each week and are of 50 minutes. Once an appointment has been taken up by someone, that day & time stays allocated until the counselling work is completed.

Skype / Zoom Video Counselling

: Private Counselling over Zoom and Skype Covid-19 Tiers, National Lockdown, Self-Isolating & Shielding (January 2021): the balance of risks and rewards continue to argue against reopening my practice's Face-to-Face service. Skype / Zoom Video Counselling Services continue uneffected, however (click for Video Services @ Havant Counselling details).

Available appointments are as follows:-

Video Counselling (Skype, Zoom…)
Click to go to HavantCounselling.com
Monday Appointments:12pm1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm9pm
Tuesday Appointments:Not available
Wednesday Appointments:12pm1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm9pm
Thursday Appointments:12pm1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm9pm
Friday Appointments:Not available
Weekend Appointments:Not available

Video Counselling (Skype, Zoom…)
Visit HavantCounselling.com
Mon:12pm or 1pm
Tue:Not Available
Wed:3pm or 4pm
Thu:12pm or 1pm
Fri:Not Available
W/E:Not Available

Waiting lists may be available for unlisted times.

Times in red are the most popular, and usually the first to go.


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