About Couple Counselling in Waterlooville.

When the most significant relationship of your life is in trouble.

Though you and your partner may hold the belief “we’ve tried everything”, meeting with Couple Counsellor Dean Richardson often shows the couple-in-conflict what different approaches they didn’t know they could try.

Dean is a fully qualified couples counsellor (Post Graduate Diploma in Psychodynamic / Systemic Couple Counselling, Chichester). Surprisingly, even as a fully qualified, highly experienced couple counsellor, Dean does not take on the role of a “relationship expert”; an “expert” who proffers all the right solutions for your problems, who tells you what you ought to be doing “right”.

How can couple counselling work, unless someone is the “relationship expert”? Dozens of couples have exited Dean’s consultation rooms having improved their relationship. Does this interest you, too?!

When you and your partner are struggling to work things through, Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant) will be the counsellor to help tackle the blocks.

New Counselling Service for LGBT Couples.

Hampshire Lesbian and Gay Couple Counselling

New couple counselling service dedicated to lesbian, gay and bisexual couples.

Couple Counselling Services.

Suitable for…

Suitable for an adult couple relationship: intimate, marital, business or social. When you can’t work out how to change a relationship problem, couple counselling can help you both identify what’s getting in the way of you working it out together.


Open Ended

Your relationship is not limited by time, so neither is couple counselling. We’ll begin by clearly identifying the relationship problems. Then ~ if you choose ~ you can either work on agreed problems with no further counselling, or can work together with the counsellor in weekly sessions.


Effective couple counselling is weekly ~ any more time between sessions can weaken the effectiveness. Weekly sessions can also help with budgeting, arranging baby sitting, and provides a weekly sanctuary where the couple focuses on their relationship.

No Waiting

NHS and charitable counselling services often have a long waiting list. As a private counsellor, Dean Richardson often has appointments so that you can begin as quickly as next week. He also has a limited number of low-fee cases too. You can afford to go private…

Marriage Counselling = Relationship Counselling.

Couple Counselling used to be known as marriage guidance counselling when it was offered by a national service called the Marriage Guidance Counsel (it figures!). As a private therapy service, it is offered in Waterlooville by private couple counsellor: Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant).

Couple Counselling is an appropriate therapeutic intervention for marriages, intimate couples, platonic couples, and social couples (e.g. friends, flatmates).

Couple Counselling supports both and your partner together in identifying, addressing and working-through the relationship’s problem(s) and conflict(s) towards a good-enough outcome.

This particular therapeutic approach helps you both not only to put current problems to rest, but also prepares you to manage new relationship conflicts as they occur in the future!

Couple Counselling using effective systemic / psychodynamic therapeutic interventions, without reference to religious or moral codes, encourages a couple to teach themselves, and each other, how to work their relationship through conflicts and on to new places together… without having to go through the process alone.

Counsellor Dean Richardson, Hampshire
Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

What happens in Couple Counselling?

Every case is different, but generally the first (few) session(s) of couple counselling are known as an assessment.

This is where the couple and Dean work together to discover what the couple’s relationship may need to focus upon during couple counselling.

Without knowing what the focus is to be, we cannot venture forward very well together.

Once the focus is agreed upon by everyone, the couple may decide that they’ve done enough and will work on the relationship’s focus alone. Other couples remain in counselling for assistance in discovering why their relationship struggles being about the focus on their own.

The couple may leave counselling at any time (although giving notice is helpful to bring about the end, rather than suddenly leaving).

The aim of couple counselling is not for the counsellor to resolve the relationship’s ailments, rather it’s a process that invites the couple to learn and discover how they may address their own problems themselves without further need of future therapeutic intervention (basically – the couple develop their own plan for being able to address both current and future problems).

Dean Richardson’s Distinct Approach to Couple Counselling.

About Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

You could choose any counsellor.

But… when you consider that this is probably the most personal and the most vulnerable that you're going to be with someone, you'd choose someone you'd trust, who demonstrated adept professional skills, who spoke plain English (who's happy to use as much swearing/plain language as you use yourself), and who works in partnership with his clients (he doesn't sit in silence, or just says "Hmm" for 50 minutes)

…then you'd choose to meet with Dean Richardson.

Seems a simple choice, really.

Couple Counselling Session Fees

How my counselling fees work

Unlike NHS services (where you have already paid through NI taxation), private counselling will cost you some money.

Couple counselling sessions last for a standard 50 minutes (although weekly 90 minute sessions can available if we think this would be beneficial).

The fee is per couple, per session and my fees become due on the day of our weekly session.

You may pay for your session fees online (eg bank transfer, credit/debit card payment) or in person (cash, cheque [made out to Dean Richardson], credit/debit card).

In some circumstances, my fees may be negotiable if your income were to make private counselling a struggle to afford, but this is on a case-by-case basis and I may not have any low-fees spaces available. Please ask…

Counselling Appointments.

Generally, I work from 1pm until 9pm (Monday through Friday). Sessions are weekly, usually on the same day & time each week and are of 50 minutes. Once an appointment has been taken up by someone, that day & time stays allocated until the counselling work is completed.

Skype / Zoom Video Counselling

: Private Counselling over Zoom and Skype Covid-19 Tiers, National Lockdown, Self-Isolating & Shielding (January 2021): the balance of risks and rewards continue to argue against reopening my practice's Face-to-Face service. Skype / Zoom Video Counselling Services continue uneffected, however (click for Video Services @ Havant Counselling details).

Available appointments are as follows:-

Video Counselling (Skype, Zoom…)
Click to go to HavantCounselling.com
Monday Appointments:12pm1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm9pm
Tuesday Appointments:Not available
Wednesday Appointments:12pm1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm9pm
Thursday Appointments:12pm1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm9pm
Friday Appointments:Not available
Weekend Appointments:Not available

Video Counselling (Skype, Zoom…)
Visit HavantCounselling.com
Mon:12pm or 1pm
Tue:Not Available
Wed:3pm or 4pm
Thu:12pm or 1pm
Fri:Not Available
W/E:Not Available

Waiting lists may be available for unlisted times.

Times in red are the most popular, and usually the first to go.


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