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By sending a message via this form, you’ll be able to get in contact with me (Dean Richardson) directly.

It takes about a week to set up for our first counselling session. If you’re in a hurry (must meet tomorrow) then it’s likely that I’m not providing the service you’re looking for. I do not provide an “emergency” service; consider contacting The Samaritans (telephone free: 116 123) or other helpline if you must talk with someone straight away.

If you’ve understood what service I’m offering, and you’d like to make contact to discuss setting up a first session, please use my contact form below…

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Counsellor Dean Richardson, Hampshire
Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)

Counselling Appointments.

Generally, I work from 1pm until 9pm (Monday through Friday).

Once an appointment has been taken up by someone, that day & time stays allocated until the counselling work is completed.

Sessions are weekly, usually on the same day & time each week and are of 50 minutes. Available appointments are as follows:-

NOTICE: Due to the sitation regarding the Coronavirus, I have suspended all face-to-face counselling sessions for the foreseeable future.

I am currently preparing to reintroduce my Skype Video-based Counselling Service (which I originally designed in the 2000s / basically I'm dotting the i's, crossing the t's now). Details of this will be available shortly.

Option 1: Skype/Video Counselling.

If you would like to begin counselling via Skype Video (within the next couple of weeks), please get in contact noting my current availability (below). I'll be in touch when I have appropriate procedures and advice in place.

Option 2: Face-to-Face Counselling.

If you would like to begin counselling face-to-face when the Government advises us that it has become safe for us to do so (current estimate: May 2020), please get in contact noting my current availability (below). I'll be in touch when I begin to resume my office practice.

Available Appointments:

  • Mondays: 7pm or 8pm.
  • Wednesdays: afternoons possibly, but not yet confirmed.
  • Thursdays: 5pm or 6pm.
  • Tuesdays, Fridays & Weekends: not available.

Waiting lists may be available for unlisted times.

NOTICE: Dean is not available from Monday 6th April to Monday 13th April (inclusive), though he may still be available to respond to enquiries and emails.

Times in red are the most popular, and usually the first to go.

Got a Question? Don't Hold Back…

If you have a question about Dean Richardson's counselling services in Waterlooville, or just want to ask a question, maybe about making your first appointment, feel free to drop Dean a message any time…